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101 ways to save your marriage and stop a divorce or break up

We’ve said it tons of times before here on Romance Tracker: there’s no such thing as a perfect relationship expert who can tell you exactly what to do to save your marriage or relationship and stop a divorce or breakup.  Every marriage is unique, with unique dynamics and unique partners, and what works to save one marriage might not stop divorce or breakup in another.  The best expert to diagnose your problems and save your marriage is you.

Still, there are many tips that can help you in your quest to add more romance to your relationship, save your marriage and help stop divorce.  None of these tips is a surefire way to save a marriage, but taken together they may give you some fresh ideas about how to inject new life into your marriage and stop a divorce or break up.

As we said, the only expert on your relationship is yourself, so don’t think that any “save your marriage” tips you might find on television, in bookstores or on the Internet will be a magic cure-all to stop a divorce and save your relationship.  Below are 101 tips you can use for ideas to save your marriage and stop a divorce, complete with links to Romance Tracker articles that will explain more.  But don’t only rely on these tips to save your marriage; if you truly want to stop a divorce, you need to consider the unique dynamics of your relationship and come up with original ideas that will work for you!

101 Ways to Save Your Marriage and Stop a Divorce

Show them you love them in a new way every day to save your marriage
Use romantic games and competition to grow closer
Send a romantic text message or SMS to stop divorce
Tell them I Love You like it was the first time
Tell them you are proud of them to save your marriage
Try reading to each other
Learn to love yourself
Make them your number one priority to stop divorce
Learn more about their interests and hobbies
Remember that single people can be romantic too to save your marriage
Say I Love You in a different way every day
Write them a romantic love poem
Give them a romantic massage to stop divorce
Learn to say I Love You in different languages
Prepare them a romantic meal or dinner to save your marriage
Watch a romantic movie together
Write a romantic list
Be careful not to be unromantic to stop divorce
Buy them a romantic gift
Figure out the perfect time to say I Love You to save your marriage
Know the difference between being romantic and being clingy
Unplug your dishwasher and wash dishes by hand
Send them a romantic email to stop divorce
Brag about your romance
Check out some great relationship websites to save your marriage
Remember all the great reasons for being in love
Send them a romantic greeting card
Call them a fun, romantic pet name to stop divorce
Buy them some romantic flowers
Remind yourself what a lucky person you are to save your marriage
See if you still have the signs of being in love
Make hugging them your first priority when you get home
Lead by example, don’t keep score to stop divorce
Write them a romantic thank-you note
Go out on a fun, romantic date to save your marriage
Make a romantic scrapbook
Kiss them on the cheek more often
Hold hands with them more often to stop divorce
Save romantic souvenirs from your relationship
Show off your romance with pictures to save your marriage
Call in sick to spend time with them
Remember why they are the person of your dreams
Share some romantic quotes with them to stop divorce
Learn from your relationship problems to make things better
Remember that true romance is subtle, not flashy to save your marriage
Celebrate a special anniversary together
Put them on your romantic speed dial list
Compliment them on a regular basis to stop divorce
Work hard to overcome your past
Remember that there’s no such thing as a relationship expert to save your marriage
Try subtle ways to make your sweetheart more romantic
Appreciate the unique qualities that make them special
Work on not taking your relationship too seriously to stop divorce
Do what you enjoy doing, not what you think you should do
Hold hands with them more often to save your marriage
Reminisce about your wedding day with them
Say thank you more often
Don’t underestimate the power of alone time to stop divorce
Learn more about the history of romanticism
Rediscover the art of seduction to save your marriage
Consider what your hobby or profession has in common with romance
Learn about the genre of literary romance with your spouse
Try harder to balance your work and home life to stop divorce
Go on a romantic vacation
Go for a shorter, less expensive romantic getaway to save your marriage
Send them a romantic instant message
Practice saying I’m Sorry more often
Learn the importance of a sense of humor to stop divorce
Go to a carnival or fair together
Concentrate on being better friends with your spouse to save your marriage
Try to remember the feeling of love at first sight
Inject more pure romance into your relationship
Take a fun love test quiz together to stop divorce
Get over your shyness and tell them your real feelings
Discover the science of chemical romance to save your marriage
Learn the real difference between romantic and platonic love
Go on a romantic second honeymoon
Try using a romantic love calculator to stop divorce
Define what making love means to you and your spouse
Rediscover the concept of true love with your spouse to save your marriage
Use your profession and hobbies to add more romance to your marriage
Try using a romantic love horoscope to get help
Cast a romantic love spell to encourage romance to stop divorce
Tuly understand the dynamics of a love hate relationship
Write your own special book of love to save your marriage
Explore the Kama Sutra of Romance together
Treat your spouse to a night at a romantic hotel
Take them out for a dinner at a romantic restaurant to stop divorce
Listen to your favorite romantic music together
Completely abandon yourself to runaway love to save your marriage
Write your spouse a romantic love letter
Rediscover the flavor of love with your spouse
Leave a short, romantic love note for your spouse to stop divorce
Ask the Love Doctor for advice on how to improve your marriage
Put together a romantic Christmas gift for your spouse to save your marriage
Get advice from other couples who have made it through tough problems
Reminisce with your spouse about the good times you’ve had together
Rediscover the things you have in common with your spouse to stop divorce
Set new priorities to make your relationship the central part of your life
Let family and friends help support and provide advice to save your marriage
If all else fails, don’t be afraid to seek professional counseling

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