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How to say thank you: being polite can be romantic

It’s funny but true: a lot of the best romantic ideas for adding more love and excitement to your marriage or relationship are things you were taught in kindergarten!

Make a daily “thank you” one of your romantic habits!

Is being polite romantic?  Of course it is!  And in addition to learning how to say you’re sorry, simply telling your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend “thank you” on a regular basis can actually improve your relationship and add more romance to your life.

So, why is it romantic to say thanks?  As I’ve said before, a romance isn’t about huge, overwhelming, infrequent gestures; instead, a relationship is made fulfilling, exciting and rewarding by adding small, subtle, consistent acts to your everyday life.  And saying “thank you” on a regular basis, whenever it is appropriate, is one of those small, subtle things that add to the overall romantic aura of your relationship.

Let’s face it: people just love knowing that the things they do are appreciated.  And when your sweetheart gets a thanks for something nice they’ve done for you it doesn’t just make them feel better about themselves; it also makes them more likely to do something nice for you again!

Don’t forget to say thanks for the little things!

It seems strange, but the most powerful thank-you you can give someone isn’t for the really significant things they do for you. Who would forget to show their appreciation to someone who had just saved their life or given them a million dollars?  No, it’s the appreciation that you show for small things, the offers of thanks that your significant other doesn’t expect, that really show how much you love having them in your life.

So the next time your lover does something small and considerate for you, why not say “thank you?”  It might be the one tiny positive thing that tips the scales and turns a bad day . . . into a romantic day!

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