What speed dial number do you use for your sweetheart?

Here’s a quick question for Romance Tracker readers: do you have the phone number of your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband programmed into your cell phone’s speed dial? If so, what number are they programmed under? Did you pick that number because it was the next one available, or does your lover’s speed dial number have some special significance?

Before you laugh, there are plenty of romantic ideas for why you might want to assign a specific speed dial number for your sweetheart! Pressing number one on my cell phone dials my significant other, because she’s most important thing in my life and the number I call the most. But I know other people who put their special someone on number eight because of its resemblance to the “infinity” sign . . . signifying a love that will last forever.

In one of my favorite episodes of “Seinfeld,” Jerry began to resent his girlfriend because she refused to give him the “number one” spot on her speed dial. What do you think? Is number one the best spot to have on your lover’s cell phone, or is it more important to get a number that has some meaning to both of you?

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