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Romantic Instant Messages: How “IMing” can save your relationship

It’s a no-brainer to say that good communication is vital to any successful romantic relationship or marriage. Getting to know the thoughts and passions of your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband can be a lifelong process that improves your romance as you become closer and more comfortable with each other. And while the spoken word is rightly considered the most important form of communication that lovers can use to advance their relationship, the truth is that there are many other ways to communicate that you shouldn’t overlook.

The spoken word isn’t everyone’s cup of tea

It’s unfortunate but true that some people just aren’t comfortable with talking and take much longer to open up and connect with another individual if they have to do so with the spoken word.  Regardless of the underlying reason for someone’s inability to talk, when you or your sweetheart won’t join in a dialogue, it makes it much more difficult to foster trust, comfort and happiness.

If you and your sweetheart are having trouble communicating your feelings to each other through the spoken word, there’s nothing wrong with trying other romantic ideas to convey your thoughts and solving problems.  The spoken word simply isn’t the best form of communication for every couple.  Luckily, modern technology gives many new options for avoiding breakup or divorce to couples who haven’t found success with traditional conversation.

Is modern technology the answer to your relationship problems?

In addition to romantic text messages and romantic Emails, trying out instant messages, or IM, might be a great way for you and your lover to communicate thoughts and feelings that you haven’t yet had success with.  Instant Messaging is similar to communicating with someone via computer in an Internet chat room, but unlike a chat room your instant messages are sent back and forth between each other privately and cannot be seen by anyone else.

Instant messaging may be the perfect way to improve communication in your relationship for several reasons.  If you and your sweetheart become easily frustrated with each other or offended because of body language or tone of voice, instant messaging will allow you to convey your thoughts without any visual or auditory baggage.

Additionally, it is much easier for some people to say what is on their mind via instant messaging rather than face-to-face.  The distance and security provided by instant messaging makes it much more comfortable for some people to speak their true feelings and explore problems that might be plaguing your relationship more deeply.

Start trying Instant Messaging today . . . it’s easy!

If you and your lover are having a difficult time communication face-to-face, a weekly Instant Message session may be exactly what you need to resolve underlying problems and add more romance to your relationship.  If you’d like to give it a try, I recommend signing up for Windows Live Messenger, an IM service that my fiance and I use regularly.  It’s easy to install and start using right away.

Do you really have anything to lose by trying out instant messaging to see if it can help your relationship?  You might be surprised at how much your communication improves by taking advantage of modern technology and using unconventional methods to build your romance today!

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