How to make your sweetheart more romantic

You’d be surprised how many new visitors we get here at Romance Tracker every day who are searching for ideas to make their wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend more romantic. Adding romantic ideas to your relationship is a wonderful, addicting way to make things fresh and inspiring, but it’s an unfortunate fact that it just doesn’t come naturally to everyone. The type of family environment they were raised in, disappointing past relationships, and even self-consciousness and embarrassment can all play a roll in your spouse or significant other being an unromantic person.

But what if I told you there was a surefire, guaranteed way to make your significant other more romantic, enthusiastic about your relationship or marriage, and more excited about loving you?  It’s true!  And the secret to making your lover more romantic is the same secret that successful leaders have used countless times to inspire others.

Leading by example

The secret to making your sweetheart more romantic is this: leading by example.  No, leading by example is not an instant problem solver that will immediately make your spouse a more romantic person.  But it is an effective, personally satisfying way to show your lover that romantic living is easy, feels great, and is important to you.

Make no mistake about it: inspiring positive change in others through leading by example can be a long, arduous process that may require a lot of patience and persistence on your part.  Even after months of adding exciting romantic ideas to your daily routine, you may be disappointed that your sweetheart hasn’t turned on to romance yet.  But if you’re committed to making your relationship work, and you have faith that your lover really can become a more romantic person, quitting isn’t an option.

Romantic leadership styles

When you want to inspire change in someone, there are basically two types of leadership styles you can use: making them fear the consequences if they don’t do as you say, or inspiring them to change by stepping up to the challenge yourself.

Personally, I don’t like the first type of leadership.  The greatest leaders in history have used leading by example to inspire their troops or teammates to do things they never thought possible.  Inspiring others through leading by example makes people work harder, enjoy the process more, feel like they are making a real difference, and take more satisfaction in the final product.

The same goes for inspiring your sweetheart to be more romantic.  Instead of putting them down or making them feel miserable for not being romantic enough, why not show them yourself how fun and easy it can be?  If you’re truly a romantic person, simply being romantic is reward in itself.  With practice, you’ll become better at perfecting the subtlety, gentleness and patience that defines the best kind of romance . . . the kind that inspires others to be romantic, too!

Don’t overdo it

When trying to make your sweetheart more romantic through leading by example, however, make sure you don’t overdo it.  Being too clingy or sappy can actually have the opposite effect and make your lover more cynical and embarrassed about your relationship.

Remember, real old-fashioned romance is subtle, not flashy. Sometimes less is more when it comes to making your sweetheart feel good.  Occasional grand, sweeping romantic gestures are great–especially on special occasions like anniversaries.  But the understated is almost always preferable to the overstated.

A single rose, if presented properly, can be much more romantic than a dozen roses.

So what are you waiting for?

There’s no better time to start leading by example and making your lover more romantic than right now!  You’re at a computer, so why not send them a romantic email and let them know you’re thinking about them?  Or pick up a nice bouquet of flowers after work and give it to them for no reason at all?

Leading by example to make your wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend more romantic will take plenty of time, patience and persistence.  But if your reward simply come from the act of being romantic, leading by example can be a satisfying and fulfilling experience.

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