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The Ultimate Guide To Buying Romantic Flowers For Your Lover

Are there any romantic ideas quite like a gift of flowers to brighten your day, bring a smile to your face, and make you feel really special? Whether you’re a man or a woman, giving a flower or a bouquet to your sweetheart is one of the best, most inexpensive ways possible to add a little spontaneous, old-fashioned romance to your relationship or marriage.

Flowers are one of the few romantic gifts that require such little thought and yet still go a long way to making your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend feel amazing. Flowers are easy to obtain, inexpensive to buy, beautiful to look at, smell wonderful and can serve as a fresh reminder of your love for days. And with so many different options to choose from when it comes to individual flowers or creative bouquets and arrangements, you could get your lover flowers every week and make them seem new and unique every time.

If you’re a person who only buys your lover flowers on special occasions like anniversaries or birthdays, my question is this: why? Sure, an ornate bouquet may be a little too expensive to buy more than a few times a year for most people, but a single flower once a week can fit into anyone’s budget. There are few other gifts that you can spend only a couple bucks on and get such great returns from when it comes to making your lover feel more romantic and appreciated.

Roses are beautiful and might be the perfect compliment for your relationship’s style, but there are dozens of other types of flowers available at your neighborhood florist that can bring a smile to your lover’s face. Stopping by the flower shop after work or on your way home from a business trip only takes a moment, and with little more than the change in your glove box you can bring home a wonderful surprise to go along with that big hug.

And remember: flowers weren’t made just for men to give to women! A lot of boyfriends or husbands may feel a little awkward receiving a flower from their girlfriends and wives, but there’s no reason to. Flowers can be presented in a way that’s a little less feminine for men (you know, get rid of the pink bows and stuff!), and women shouldn’t shy from occasionally buying their lovers a gift of flowers to show how much they care.

So if you’re only giving flowers on anniversaries and at funerals, you’re really missing out on a chance make your relationship more exciting, romantic and special. Start making it a tradition to bring a single flower to your lover once a week for no reason at all, and you’ll be amazed at how much magic you’ll add to your life.

But what kind of flowers are best to introduce into your particular type of relationship? Are some flowers better than others for different people and circumstances? You’re the only one who can make that decision, but classically, different flowers do carry different meanings. Below is a list of some popular romantic flowers and their meanings. But remember: when it comes to flowers, it really is the thought that counts!

Top Ten Romantic Flowers and What They Mean

10. Iris: Faith and Hope

9. Sunflower: Loyalty

8. Wildflower: Adoration

7. Lilac: “Do you still love me?”

6. Carnation: Fascination

5. Orchid: Refinement and Seduction

4. Lily: Beauty

3. Tulip: Perfect Love

2. Daisy: Innocence, Purity, Loyalty

1. Rose: “I Love You”

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