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The flavor of love: what does true romance taste like?

Before you laugh at the title of this post, “the flavor of love” is meant to put a smile on your face!  We’ve looked at love from many different angles here on Romance Tracker, and sometimes it’s fun to ask a silly question about love to get your romantic wheels turning and unwind a little bit.  So, it’s time to ask yourself: what’s the flavor of love?

By asking “what’s the flavor of love,” I mean that if you had to assign a taste to true love that most closely resembled romance and brought it to mind, what would it be?  Is the flavor of love chocolate, or vanilla, or some other sweet treat?  Or is the flavor of love more like wine or one of your favorite fruits?  There are endless options when it comes to your definition of the flavor of love!

Just like every other aspect of a romantic relationship, the flavor that you assign to love is completely personal and different for every individual.  No one romantic relationship is exactly like another, and when it comes to the perfect music, vacation spots, and foods to compliment your romance, the only requirement is that it makes both of you happy!

So, why don’t you ask your sweetheart what they think the flavor of love is?  Can you and your lover think of any special meal or treat you shared together that could define your romance?  The flavor of love for you and your significant other could be anything at all!

And if you don’t have a special flavor of love yet, it’s time to go out and find it!  Why not treat yoursweetheart to a romantic dinner or snack tonight . . . and perhaps the two of you could discover the flavor of love together!   

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