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Top Ten Ways To Make Your Relationship Completely UNromantic

You may be used to getting daily romantic ideas on what to do to build a better relationship or marriage. But what about apathetic, emotionless people who need tips on how to make their relationships as unromantic as possible? Well, if you’re looking for some great ideas to totally drain the excitement and love out of your relationship, I’ve got some great news for you: building an unromantic relationship is even easier than building a romantic relationship!

Yes, it’s true! There are countless ways to make a relationship as miserable and unhappy as possible, and with enough time we could easily make a list of the top 100 ways to make sure your romance fails.

But for those of you who need to get started right away on making your marriage or partnership as unbearable and monotonous as possible, here’s a quick list of the top ten ways to kill all romance in your relationship.

Implement each of the tips on our list, but don’t stop there; coming up with new methods for destroying your relationship is easy as falling off a log! If you’ve got some fresh ideas of your own, don’t hog them. Share them with the Romance Tracker community!

Good luck. And remember: when it comes to making your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife feel completely unromantic, it’s the simplest things that make the biggest difference.

Top Ten Ways to Make Your Relationship Completely UNromantic

1. Never let your lover do anything for you.

Everyone needs to feel needed in a relationship, and one of the best things you can do to make your lover feel necessary and appreciated is to gladly accept their help… even if you can do something yourself. So make sure that you never, ever let your lover do anything for you that you can do just fine without them. Make them feel as useless, unneeded and irrelevant as possible.

2. Show absolutely no desire to learn about your lover’s interests.

Making an effort to learn about your lover’s interests is a great way to show how much you appreciate them, add more excitement to your relationship, and learn new things. So whatever you do, stay as far away as possible from any topic that your lover shows even the slightest interest in.

3. Never try anything new with your lover.

One of the most effective ways to totally drain the excitement from your relationship and make it as monotonous and stale as possible is to do everything the same all the time. Trying something new and fresh with your lover is sure to make things romantic and exhilarating, so stay completely away from any activities you’ve never done before… like cooking or giving them a massage.

4. Make your relationship the number two priority in your life.

If your job keeps you away from home a lot or you don’t spend your free time with your lover, they may feel that they aren’t the number one priority in your life. That’s good. Making them your top priority is a sure way to add a ton of romance to your life, and it needs to be avoided at all costs. Make your significant other feel like the second most important thing in your life, not the first.

5. Never tell your lover you are proud of them.

A lot of people don’t know this, but “I’m proud of you” are probably four of the most important and romantic words you can possibly say to your lover. So never, ever say them. Make certain that your lover thinks that you aren’t proud of anything they do in their life: not their job, their parenting, and certainly not their dedication to your relationship. Never, ever, ever let them get the impression that they are your hero. Ever!

6. Never tell anyone how much your relationship means to you.

You may have to pretend to your lover every now and then that your relationship means something to you, but you certainly don’t have to do the same in front of your friends and family. Braggin to other people about how great your relationship is will make your lover feel appreciated if it gets back to them, so don’t let anyone else get the wrong impression.

7. Never do anything to surprise your lover.

Like we said in number three, keeping your relationship as predictable and uninteresting as possible is a great way to do away with every last bit of romance. If you ever get tempted to do anything even remotely surprising for your lover, like writing a romantic poem to get the thought out of your head immediately. Surprises make people happy, and happiness in a relationship leads to more romance. Heck no!

8. Never show your appreciation for anything your lover does for you.

If you followed rule number one, you shouldn’t be letting your lover do anything for you, anyway. But if they do trick you into letting them do something thoughtful, romantic, or nice, don’t show the slightest appreciation for it. Don’t say “thank you.” Don’t give them a hug or a kiss. And sure as heck don’t write them a thank-you note or send them a romantic card.

9. Never reminisce with your lover or bring up romantic memories.

People share a lot of romantic, unforgettable experiences with each other when they’re falling in love, and talking about them with your lover is a surefire way of rekindling romance in your relationship. Don’t tell your lover what your favorite romantic ideas are, and never, ever remind them of any of the wonderful experiences you’ve had together.

10. Once you’re out of their presence, don’t pay any attention to your lover.

Making your lover feel like you completely forget about them once they leave the room is a super way to make your relationship completely unromantic. The lover who calls to tell their partner they are thinking about them during the work day, or even sends a few romantic text messages is sure to build a much more romantic relationship. Make sure you never become that person!

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