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Being Alone: Why Time To Yourself Is Important To Relationships

Everyone knows that in order to nurture a marriage romantic relationship, it’s important to spend time with your sweetheart, find out about their interests, and participate in fun, exciting experiences with them. But what many husbands, wives, boyfriends and girlfriends don’t realize is that there’s another element to a successful romance that’s just as important: alone time.

You can spend too much time together

It’s good to spend time with your significant other, but there’s no doubt about it: it’s definitely possible to spend too much time together. Human beings have an occasional innate need for privacy and time to themselves, and when we don’t get our sporadic quiet time, our relationships and mood can suffer.

In extreme cases, a lack of privacy and time for ourselves in a relationship can lead to disenchantment, boredom, and even resentment–all of which make a breakup or divorce much more likely.

Early in a romantic relationship, you and your sweetheart may have no problem at all spending every free moment together. Learning about each other, laughing together, and experiencing the world together is a wonderful way to build a strong foundation for your future life.

Are you ignoring your need for alone time?

As your relationship progresses, however, make sure you remain mindful of your body and mind’s need for private time. Occasionally experiencing things away from your special someone will help you appreciate them more, put your thoughts in order, and love yourself more, as well.

On the flip side, do you allow your lover to have private time to themselves occasionally, too . . . or do you become resentful when they want to get away occassionally? Trusting your sweetheart to do the right thing when they are away from you, and allowing them the important outlet of alone time, is essential to any successful romantic relationship.

So the next time your sweetheart wants to take a short walk or spend some quiet time away from the rest of the world, keep in mind that the healing power of being alone is important to your relationship. And if you occasionally feel the need to spend a little time with yourself, don’t ignore it!

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