Do you show off your romance with pictures of that special someone?

We’ve all known them: the coworkers or acquaintances who keep their private lives extremely private. If it weren’t for the wedding ring or water cooler chatter, you’d never know they had a significant other at all; not only do they not mention their romantic partner, but they don’t leave so much as a wallet-sized photo of the person out where anyone might see it. While it’s unlikely that these people are really ashamed of their romantic relationship, putting up a few photos of their lover would go a long way to add some old-fashioned romantic ideas to the mix.

Sure, I know that you remember what your lover looks like and don’t need a picture to remind you of how much you love them! But if you’re keeping those smiling pics in your purse or wallet and aren’t displaying them in your office or other places where you spend a lot of time, you’re missing a chance to improve your relationship or marriage significantly.

First of all, putting up a few tasteful pictures of your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend shows the world that you’re proud of your romantic relationship and want your friends and coworkers to see how happy you are. A picture of your special someone on your desk at the office spurs discussion about your marriage or relationship, helps your friends and coworkers get to know you better, and–most importantly–will make your lover feel great when they see that they mean so much to you!

And besides, if you’re really in love with that special person in your life, then keeping a picture of them nearby is a great way to keep yourself happy, smiling and upbeat even in stressful situations. Studies have shown that looking at images of people we love lowers blood pressure, slows our breathing and gets rid of headaches! (Okay, I made that last sentence up, but I’m sure I can’t be too far off the mark.)

So if you don’t have a smiling picture of your sweetheart in your office, car or other places where you spend a lot of time, now is the time to put one up! It’s a great way to bring a smile to your face, show your friends and coworkers that you’re proud of your romantic relationship, and make your lover feel great.

Pull those pics out of your wallet and show them to the world!

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