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Why having a sense of humor is important to your relationship

So, when life hands you problems, are you able to take them in stride and laugh off the inevitable, unavoidable hassles and annoyances that come your way?  You see, some of the tricks to being successful in life are useful in encouraging romance in your marriage or relationship, too . . . and one of those important romantic ideas is having a sense of humor!

Learn to see the lighter side of things

In many instances, taking your relationship too seriously is more dangerous to your romance than not taking your relationship seriously enough.  Developing a sense of humor about events that you can’t change is a great way to make your relationship more resilient, fend off a breakup or divorce, and make your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend more comfortable with you.

So, does that mean you should laugh off every serious problem that life hands you?  Of course not!  But having a sense of humor does mean that you allow yourself to see the lighter side of situations that you can’t change . . . and let yourself laugh off your challenges every now and then!

Don’t let minor annoyances gain control of your life!

Illnesses and threats to your relationship or marriage are hardly humorous, and laughing in the face of serious problems such as these would be silly and probably make your sweetheart feel pretty rotten.  But taking smaller problems and annoyances too seriously is giving outside influences more control over your happiness than they deserve. By developing a thicker skin and laughing at minor challenges, you rob them of their power to control your life . . . and you make your romance even stronger!

So the next time you feel like getting upset over something that really has no consequence, try laughing at the annoyance instead.  You’ll be surprised at how much it improves your life, your romance . . . and you!

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