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Making love: what’s your position on real romance?

If you’re a regular reader of Romance Tracker, you know that we like to focus on good old-fashioned romance rather than the physical aspect of making love.  But remember, “making love” can mean many things, not just the physical act of intercourse.  So let’s focus for a moment on how a truly romantic person can go about making love more prevalent in their life and create more romance in their relationship.

So, is it really possible to “make love” exist in your life, or is romance something that needs to happen on its own without your intervention?  Well, a little of both. True, making love play a more active role in your life is greatly facilitated by a romantic partner to share a loving relationship with.  But making love isn’t only possible with the help of a husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend.  There are plenty of ways for single people to make love and romance a central part of their lives and make themselves more prepared for the time when that special person comes along.

And if you are lucky enough to already be in a romantic relationship with that special someone, then “making love” probably won’t be necessary at all.  You see, when you’re in the presence of your sweetheart, love tends to happen on its own . . . and your only responsibility is to enjoy the romance!  Making love as a single person may mean surrounding yourself with a romantic environment, but once you’re in a relationship, “making love” should take on an entirely different meaning!

Making love a priority in your life, whether you’re single, married, or dating, is the first step toward a long-lasting, committed relationship that will bring you more joy and satisfaction than you can possibly imagine.  And before you start getting nervous, there really isn’t anything complicated at all about making love a priority.  It just takes a little patience, a little understanding, and a willingness to appreciate the great things that romance can bring to your life.

So the next time you hear someone use the term “making love,” look beyond the regularly-accepted meaning of the term and ask yourself if you’re doing everything you can to “make love” exist in your life. This might mean different things to you depending on whether you’re single or in a committed relationship, but either way I guarantee you that making love can vastly improve your life!

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