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How Reading To Each Other Can Add Romance To Your Relationship

The scene of two lovers whispering romantic poetry to each other under a picturesque tree is somewhat of a sappy cliche anymore, but reading to your sweetheart–not necessarily poetry!–is still a great way to build your relationship and interact with each other in a fun, romantic way. And if you choose the right material, reading to your lover can be a two-for-one: imagine how great it would be to learn together while sharing your love together!

I know, I know–reading out loud is the type of romantic idea makes many people uncomfortable, and for some of us it might bring to mind embarrassing memories from high school literature classes. But the natural discomfort we feel at the thought of reading to someone is exactly why reading to each other is a great way for romantic couples to become closer and learn to trust each other.

Although it may seem silly at first, I promise you’ll see wonderful romantic results from setting aside time to read out loud with your significant other. It’s bound to inspire some mutual giggling, and having fun together is an important part of any romantic relationship or marriage. And after you get past the initial discomfort, you’ll quickly find that reading each other will help build trust and make you and your lover much more comfortable with each other.

After all, learning to become more comfortable with each other, and getting over the natural embarrassment we may feel in certain situations, is a natural progression in healthy, loving relationships.

What you read to each other is completely up to you. If you’re both feeling very romantic, a good book of love poetry is easy to come by. You can go for the classics, or choose from a huge selection of contemporary romantic poetry if that better suits your tastes. Is there a novel or collection of short stories that you or your romantic partner enjoy reading alone? Try reading passages to each other and you’ll open up a whole new world of romantic interaction and discussion.

Whether in the privacy of your own bedroom or beneath the cliche tree in a beautiful park, reading to your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband is a great way to build your romantic relationship and foster trust. So go grab a good book and get to reading!

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