Romantic meals and dinners: recipe for love

Yesterday on Romance Tracker, we saw a few romantic ideas about how introducing romantic massage into your relationship or marriage is a great way to show your appreciation for your lover, regardless of how well you do it.

Surprisingly, preparing a romantic meal for your lover has a lot in common with romantic massage. Many of us (especially men, but perhaps a few women as well) might be apprehensive about trying to cook new foods for our lover. But regardless of your skill in the kitchen, it’s really a super way to show your romantic partner that you care enough about them to try something new . . . and you might just surprise yourself at how well you can cook, after all!

You may notice a recurring theme here on Romance Tracker: it doesn’t really matter how well you do certain things in your romantic relationship, but rather that you make an attempt, show your lover you want to make them happy, and have fun doing it regardless of how well it all comes out. Preparing a romantic meal for your sweetheart is no different. So get over whatever fears you have of trying something new in the kitchen and crack open a cookbook!

If you’re looking for recipes, there are thousands and thousands of resources available to you on the Internet and at the bookstore; everyone’s culinary tastes are different, and you should know what kinds of foods your lover enjoys better than anyone else. If you don’t, it’s time to ask! Remember, cooking for your wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend is also an opportunity to learn more about what they enjoy and how to make them happy.

One important tip: if you’re just starting out and this is the first time you are preparing a meal for your romantic partner, don’t go out on a limb and try anything . . . exotic. Stick to a simple recipe that you know your lover will enjoy. Even though your sweetheart will appreciate the thought no matter how the food turns out, you don’t want to stack the deck against yourself by choosing a complex recipe that’s easy to mess up. Remember the cardinal rule of romance: keep it simple!

Once you’ve chosen your recipe, make sure you spend just as much time on preparing the scene and making sure the setting is as romantic as possible. A great meal can be made ten times more romantic by eating it in the perfect environment, and a candlelit table and soft music are just as important to this project as a perfectly cooked dish.

Surprising your lover with a romantic meal in bed or when they come home for lunch or dinner is a terrific idea, although it might take some planning on your part. But if it’s your first time in the kitchen, why not ask your partner to prepare the meal with you? Cooking together is a wonderful way to grow closer and have fun together, and once you try it you’ll probably want to do it again. Besides, if the meal doesn’t turn out perfectly, you won’t take all the blame!

If you haven’t tried preparing a romantic meal for your lover yet, it’s time to bust out the pots and pans. You’ll get a real kick out of what a wonderful, relationship-building experience it can be to serve your partner a delicious meal that you make with your own two hands. Now get cooking!

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