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Love note: how to write the perfect romantic note

Writing a romantic love note for your sweetheart is a great way to add some simple, sweet, spontaneous romance to your relationship.  We recently discussed how to write a romantic love letter, which requires a little more time and effort.  But a love note only takes seconds to write, can be done any time, and is the perfect way to show your lover you are thinking of them.

Just like love letters, a romantic love note can take many, many forms.  The classic version of the love note is to just scribble an encouraging or romantic sentence on a scrap of paper and leave it for your sweetheart to find.  It could be a little love note you leave in their lunch, a love note on their pillow at night, or a love note in any location where your sweetheart might stumble upon it and smile!

With today’s technology, there’s no reason why your romantic love note should be limited to paper and ink.  There are plenty of ways to use modern technology to send a quick, romantic love note, such as email, text messaging, or even instant messages.  Why limit yourself to old-fashioned methods when there are so many different options for sending your love note?

As for what you write in your love note, the options are endless.  Your love note could be deeply romantic, if you want it to be, but it doesn’t have to be.  Even something as simple and fun as “have a great day, I’m thinking of you!” can do wonders for brightening someone’s day and improving your relationship!  And have you considered writing a quick love note on a greeting card and popping it in the mail?  That’s another way to surprise your lover and show them how much they mean to you!

If you haven’t written a love note for your sweetheart recently, then now is the time to do it.  Romantic love notes cost nothing, are quick and easy to write, and are a great small thing to do to add some extra romance to your relationship.  Go grab a pen!

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