How to overcome your past and improve your romantic relationship

We’ve focused before on how romance is alive and well in millions of loving relationships around the world, in spite of our society’s tendency to trivialize romantic people. And yes, there are countless men and women out there who have decided to use romantic ideas like those highlighted here to improve their relationships and the world.

But regardless of what kind of unique ways these many romantic people add excitement and love to their relationships, they all have one important thing in common: none of them were always romantic people. The appeal of a romantic lifestyle is something that many people don’t appreciate until later in life, but regardless of your unromantic past, your future can always be made more romantic and fulfilling.

Feelings of regret or guilt over a less-than-perfect past can sabotage our efforts to create a loving, romantic relationship and a more satisfying life. Whether it’s failed relationships, embarrassing acts, or unromantic attitudes, your past can sometimes seem insurmountable of you’ve decided to change your life for the better.

Your past may seem insurmountable, but it never really is. As I said, every member of a successful relationship has an unromantic past, to some degree. We all have done things or been in relationships we regret, but making the decision to become a romantic person is the first step toward moving on and putting your past behind you.

Notice I say “put your past behind you” and not “forget your past.” Your past experiences and actions, good or bad, shaped you into the person you are today. Completely forgetting your unromantic past may seem appealing, but in doing so you’d lose the benefit of the many important lessons you’ve learned.

Instead, promise yourself to use your past mistakes to learn how to avoid actions that don’t encourage romance in your relationship. Never dwell on your mistakes, but use them as a reminder of why you made the decision to become a more romantic person.

It’s a bit of a cliche, but never forget: just because you’ve done bad things in the past doesn’t mean you can’t become a good person. And one of the most effective ways to remake yourself into a more loving, positive person is to find the same kind of person to share your life with.

Telling your wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend about your regrets can help you find some closure if they are understanding enough to accept them, but commit yourself to becoming a more romantic person before dredging up the past. Learning about your lover’s past can be a lifelong process; for the present, concentrate on showing your special someone how dedicated you are to making your relationship or marriage work.

And just as you would hope for patience and understanding if you decided to become more romantic and overcome your past, make sure to do the same for your sweetheart if they make that decision, as well. Remember that your special someone’s past has no bearing on your relationship if they’ve truly decided to make positive changes in their life, and prove to them how worthy you are of their love by helping them to change.

Overcoming your past and becoming a better, more romantic person is never impossible, regardless of your previous mistakes. Simply decide to learn from your past and apply one simple new romantic idea to your relationship every day, and you’ll be amazed at the new, positive person you can become!

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