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Bring Romance To Your Relationship By Unplugging Your Dishwasher

Yup, you read that headline right: unplugging that automatic dishwasher isn’t just a way to save on your electric bill, but it’s also one of many great romantic ideas that can add some good old-fashioned romance to your relationship. But how?

There’s no big secret to making your loving relationship or marriage more romantic. Romance is all about spending time with your lover, sharing new experiences together and making them the most important part of your life. And sometimes doing the simplest things together helps us become more comfortable and romantic with each other; things like preparing a meal together, going for a walk together… or even washing the dishes together.

Even if you’re by yourself, washing your dishes by hand can be a calming, relaxing and meditative experience. Don’t laugh! The warm water, the gentle scrubbing, and the attention needed to be paid to each fork and glass can combine to help you get your mind off of your troubles and release tension.

Similarly, washing the dishes with your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband is a super way to relax, spend time with each other, and work together. Washing, rinsing, and drying each dish together, and incorporating some romantic touching and communicating while you’re doing it, can be a bonding experience that will add a new dimension to your relationship. And it’s a great followup to sharing a romantic meal together!

Even if it’s just once a week, washing the dishes by hand with your lover is one simple thing you can do to add more old-fashioned romance to your relationship. So unplug that dishwasher, get the water running, and cozy up for some squeaky clean romance!

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