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Top 10 Most Romantic Hotels in the World

When it comes to romantic hotels or romantic getaways in general, I’m always stressing here on Romance Tracker that the size of your pocketbook has little to do with whether or not you can put together an unforgettable honeymoon vacation or romantic escape. And truthfully, there are so many romantic hotels in the United States and throughout the world, that you shouldn’t have to be rich to find one that’s within your budget.

Admittedly, though, there are lots of romantic hotels in the world that are way outside the price range of myself and most of our readers! Even though we can’t afford to stay at the most romantic hotels in the world, though, doesn’t mean that we can’t still check them out and have fun imagining.

Of course, “most romantic hotel in the world” is a subjective categorization, and one person’s romantic hotel is another person’s nightmare vacation. Some of us might prefer a more low-key, inexpensive romantic hotel to the upscale, multi-million-dollar version . . . even if we did have the money to pay for it!

Below is a list of what many people in the world consider to be the top ten romantic hotels out there. I compiled the list through research on the Internet, and hope you enjoy it. Check out each romantic hotel website and have fun imagining yourself and your lover living in opulence . . . but remember: what truly makes a hotel romantic is the people who are staying there. If you have a truly romantic relationship, any hotel that you and your sweetheart stay in can be made into the most romantic hotel in the world!

Top Ten Most Romantic Hotels in the World

1. Twin Farms: Bernard, Vermont

2. Mala Mala Game Reserve: South Africa

3. The Inn at Irving Place, New York

4. La Villa Gallici, France

5. The Bauer, Venice

6. Dar Mimosas, Morocco

7. Four Seasons at Jimbaran Bay, Bali

8. La Sirenuse, Italy

9. The Point, Saranac Lake, NY

10. Hotel Ritz, Paris

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