How romantic games and competition can improve your relationship

In Romance Tracker’s last post, we learned that showing your romantic parter you love them is vastly more important than just saying you love them. There are a million different romantic ideas for ways to say “I love you” to your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband, and if you limit yourself to only the spoken word you’re missing out on a whole exciting world of romantic opportunity.

Romantic competition may be just what the doctor ordered!

While some forms of competition can have a negative effect on your relationship (competition that stokes jealous feelings should always be avoided), a little bit of romantic competition can bring you and your lover closer, teach you to interact together better, and add some spice to your relationship or marriage.

For couples who enjoy fitness activities and sports, occasional physical competitions and games can build your romance while helping you both stay in great shape. Something as rough-and-tumble as wrestling or football might be out of the question for some (but not all!) couples, but less dangerous competitive sports such as tennis, track, golf or handball might be the perfect answer to build your romantic relationship.

Romance and learning how to lose

Ideally, the sport should be one which doesn’t give one person an unfair advantage over another, so that both partners have a legitimate chance of coming out the winner. The point of adding romantic competition to a relationship isn’t to establish one person as physically or mentally superior to the other, but to learn how to better interact with each other and—gasp!—even how to deal with not being the winner. Give-and-take is a crucial part of any romantic relationship, and learning how to cope with not getting our way is an important part of romantic competition.

Getting beat by your lover in a romantic game of tennis is a great way to learn to shrug off the inevitable losses that come with any successful relationship . . . and you’ll quickly come to the conclusion that even though you may be losing in the short run, in the long run you’re winning by becoming a healthier, happier couple!

The list of possibilities for romantic competition is endless!

But romantic competition doesn’t have to be just physical. There’s an endless number of competitive games that couples can play while alone together or on teams with a group of friends.

Card games, board games, and even trivia can bring much-needed romantic competition to a relationship just as well as any physical sport. And while it may be tempting to always play on the same team as your romantic partner when with a group of friends, make sure you mix things up a bit by occasionally competing on different sides. Remember, the point of romantic competition is to teach you and your lover how to have fun with being the winner or the loser every now and then.

Romantic competition is a win-win situation!

You’ll be amazed at how much more exciting and healthy your relationship will become by adding some romantic competition at least once a week, whether physical or non-physical. And remember: whether you win or lose the game, you’re always winning by building a better, more trusting romantic relationship. Have fun!

Update: You can check out this great example of using romantic competition to better your relationship from Shoemoney, one of my favorite bloggers. Shoemoney and his wife are having a triathalon against each other, and the winner gets to choose what restaurant they will eat at for a month. What a great idea for building better relationships!

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