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I was happy yesterday to get a phone call from an old friend who said he came across Romance Tracker by doing a Google search for something having to do with romance.  He was surprised to see my smiling mug here on the site and called to ask me how long I’d been blogging about old-fashioned romantic ideas.

I started Romance Tracker only four months ago, and it’s a great feeling to have an acquaintance randomly stumble upon the site while they were looking for romance advice!  The huge amount of daily search traffic we’re getting from people looking to add romance to their relationships is really encouraging, and the call I got from my friend was great inspiration to continue posting.

Just like me, my friend is a man who is proud to be an old-fashioned romantic.  Unlike me, however, he hasn’t had the good fortune to find the woman of his dreams just yet.  I’m sure it will happen eventually; he is a great guy and an elected official with a successful future ahead of him.  But like many romantic people, my friend is discouraged that there just doesn’t seem to be many true romantics left in the world anymore.

There are more romantic people out there than ever before!

I disagree with him, of course, although I do understand his frustration.  It can take many years for a romantic person to find that perfect someone, and until that day comes it’s easy to find yourself thinking that you’re the last person on earth who really cares about romance.  Today’s society and pop culture doesn’t really give a whit about true romance, as flipping through the cable channels or listening to the radio will quickly show you.

That doesn’t mean, though, that there are no romantic people left in the world!  On the contrary, I believe that there are more romantic people than ever before surrounding us.  With the media and pop culture becoming so crass and cynical about romance, the truly romantic couples out there are learning the value of keeping their relationships private and finding pleasure in simply making each other happy.

Remember: true romance in relationships is subtle, not flashy.  And for that very reason, romantic couples can sometimes be hard to find.  But it doesn’t mean they aren’t there!

The secret to meeting a romantic person

But what about finding a romantic man or woman who isn’t taken yet?  Do romantic single people really even exist in the world anymore?

Of course they do!  And they aren’t really that hard to find, either, no matter where you live. The problem facing most people who are looking for a romantic boyfriend or girlfriend is that they are looking in the wrong places.

There really is a guaranteed way to meet a person who values romance as much as you, and this is it: surround yourself in a romantic environment. No, I don’t mean you should cut out a bunch of little paper hearts and hang them all over your office.  But I do mean that you should commit yourself to living a romantic lifestyle to attract other people of the same mindset.

No, you probably aren’t going to meet a romantic person in a bar.

It may be easier to meet single people at bars and clubs, but do you really think that you’re likely to find a romantic person at one of those places? By spending your free time in activities and places that truly interest and inspire you, you’re much more likely to eventually come across another single person who values the same.

It may take longer to find someone by immersing yourself in what you enjoy, but when you finally do begin a relationship it will be with a person who has similar interests, similar passions, and a similar love for romance.  By taking your time, you’ll guarantee yourself a more stable, more fulfilling and more exciting relationship.

Be proud of being romantic . . . and you’ll find that special someone!

So take heart if you’re one of the many single people who feels doomed to never finding that special someone who is as romantic as you are.  He or she is out there, I guarantee it, and you’re going to find them sooner or later.

But by surrounding yourself in a romantic environment and letting yourself do the things you love to do, you’ll help make that day come sooner . . . rather than later!

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