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Pure romance is something every couple should strive for!

The concept of “pure romance,” or perfect, unblemished love between a romantic couple that can conquer all obstacles, can be seen in countless films, books, and works of art.  There are few forces in human tradition that are as influential as pure romance, and innumerable wives, husbands, boyfriends and girlfriends strive to infuse their marriages and relationships with the power of perfect love.

But is pure romance real, or does it exist as only as a concept in movies and books?  Can any of us really have a romance that is perfect, free from any flaws, and powerful enough to overcome any challenges we might face in the course of a relationship?

It isn’t a profound statement to say that we are all human, and no relationship we enter into or project we start will ever be perfect.  We all have flaws and problems in our lives, and they will inevitably cause strains and difficulties in our interactions with that special someone.  In many ways, pure romance—although it is touted and venerated in poetry and prose—is an unreachable goal for modern couples.

But that certainly doesn’t mean that you and your sweetheart shouldn’t strive for pure romance in your relationship!  Just like any undertaking you will commit to in your life, there is no such thing as a perfect relationship.  But just because it doesn’t exist is no reason not to make pure romance your goal.

When we “shoot for the moon” in all things we do, we almost always come up short; but insisting on at least attempting perfection, even in our romantic relationships, will always allow you to progress further than if you settled for mediocrity.  Just remember one important rule: insisting upon perfection, and getting upset when you don’t get it, is a fast road to breakup or divorce.

Instead, make pure romance and a perfect relationship the models you strive for, but accept inevitable problems that come along as a necessary part of any relationship. Pure romance should be the moon that you and your lover always shoot for . . . but remember that it’s the journey—with all its challenges and difficulties—that truly makes a romance great.

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