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Love Massages: How To Give Romantic Massages To Husbands & Wives

It’s no secret that physical interaction and touching are romantic ideas that play important roles in successful romantic relationships, but you’d be surprised at the number of lovers who are hesitant to explore the wonderful world of romantic massage. Many fear that they might do it wrong or that a good massage is something that can only be given by a professional. Nothing could be further from the truth, of course, and romantic massages are easy to do, they make you feel great, and they are a wonderfully effective way of building a better loving relationship or marriage.

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Many times, the setting and surroundings of the romantic massage are as important as the massage itself. Very few of us can claim to be a master masseuse (or masseur, for the males), and it’s true that there are many advanced techniques that might take some practice to get good at. But by setting the scene for romance before the massage, you’ll set yourself up for success and make your lover feel special regardless of how good the massage is.

Try to give your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband a romantic massage in a quiet, calm, warm place where they can close their eyes and concentrate fully on the experience. Don’t plan the massage session at a time or place where you might be interrupted, and make sure you’ve set a romantic scene beforehand. Soft, romantic music can help, as can scented candles. Want to surprise your lover? Have a romantic massage set up for them after they get through with a good, hot shower, when they are especially relaxed.

As for massage techniques, there are plenty of resources available on the internet and in the bookstore for lovers who want to learn how to give the perfect, professional romantic massage. But in reality, massages are a lot like romance; the trick is to ask your lover what they like, be gentle and patient, and discover great feelings together. There’s nothing wrong with buying a massage book or taking a massage class, but why not discover what feels good together?

You may be hesitant to try give your lover a romantic massage if you’ve never tried it before, but you’ll be missing out if you don’t. Trying new things together is part of building a better romantic relationship, and who knows . . . you might even get a romantic massage in return!

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