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Why Romantic Emails Are A Great Way To Say I Love You

In spite of all that the modern world has done to make human relationships more impersonal, there are still many great romantic ideas for using technology to add more spontaneity, fun and excitement to yours.

True romance is really about taking things slowly and paying close attention to even the small details, and the Internet and email are about doing things as quickly and simply as possible… but used correctly, they can help nurture and build your relationship. After all, you’ve used the internet to find this post about making your relationship or marriage more romantic, haven’t you?

Much like sending romantic text messages, a spontaneous romantic email is a simple and effective way to tell your wife, girlfriend, husband or boyfriend you are thinking about them at any time of the day. Many of us have gotten sick and tired of seeing our inboxes full of forwarded emails and unoriginal jokes, but an original, romantic email isn’t spam at all. And it doesn’t take much time or effort; something as simple as “I’m busy with work right now, but I’m missing you!” can make your sweetheart smile for the rest of the day!

If you want to get a bit more romantic, why not do some research and send your significant other a single line from a romantic poem every day? Or maybe a beautiful, romantic image you’ve found on the web with a note telling your lover how it reminded you of them?

E-cards are another great way to send lighthearted or serious romantic messages to your sweetheart over the Internet. There are plenty of on-line companies that let you send an ecard for free (just Google “e-cards”), and you can usually personalize them with your own special message. E-cards are a quick, fun way for your to tell your lover you’re thinking about them, and they’re guaranteed to put anyone who gets one into a great mood!

So what are you waiting for? You’re on the Internet right now, so nothing’s stopping you from sending your lover a quick romantic email. Promise yourself to use the Internet to tell that special someone you’re thinking about them at least once a week, and I guarantee your relationship will be better for it!

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