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Love hate relationships

We’ve all heard about Love Hate Relationships, in which alternating emotions of love and hate play equal roles in a romance or marriage. As most people with any experience in the subject can attest to, though, most romantic relationships could fall into the category of a Love Hate Relationship . . . although every unique relationship has differing degrees of love and hate that make up its particular dynamic.

And when we talk about Love Hate Relationships here on Romance Tracker, we don’t necessarily mean relationships with euphoric highs and despicable, murderous lows. What we mean is that in every romantic relationship, and no matter how much you love your partner, there are inevitably going to be moments when you don’t much care for their company or are disappointed by their behavior. Not exactly a Love Hate Relationship, sure . . . maybe more like a “Love Dislike Relationship.”

The important thing is to not feel guilty or inadequate of you find yourself in a Love Hate Relationship. Like I said, every romantic relationship will find itself dealing with the dueling dynamics of love and hate at some point, but just because you’re facing some inevitable problems doesn’t mean the situation is hopeless.

It’s important to remember that every romantic relationship—and every human relationship, for that matter—is, to certain degrees, a Love Hate Relationship. Because we are individuals, we are never going to seamlessly agree with any person, no matter how much we love them. Disagreements and arguments, although distasteful, are a matter of course.

Heck, it could even be argued that Love Hate Relationships are necessary and normal for romantic couples. While it is never healthy to go from snuggling to hitting each other with frying pans on a regular schedule, it certainly is healthy to let your romantic partner know what you dislike about their behavior and try to work out your problems. And this kind of discourse will inevitably stir up some negative feelings while you work through it together.

So the next time you hear someone talk of Love Hate Relationships in a negative tone, keep in mind that a certain amount of love and hate—well, let’s call it dislike—may be necessary for a successful romantic relationship!

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