Relationship expert: no such thing

One of the things I love about blogging here on Romance Tracker is that the subject of romance is so broad; just like relationships, romantic ideas come in an endless variety of shapes, sizes and types. It’s tough to run out of ideas for posts when your subject matter is so diverse.

Like fingerprints or snowflakes, no single romantic relationship is the same as any other. And the perfect ways to improve a specific relationship aren’t the secret knowledge of anyone who isn’t a part of that relationship. Sure, there are generic tips and advice that might help you reach your goals, but the best relationship advice you can get comes from just one person: you.

That’s why I really don’t like the term “relationship expert.” You may be able to find plenty of romantic ideas here on Romance Tracker and from other similar sources, but there’s really no one else who’s an expert on your unique relationship with your wife, husband boyfriend or girlfriend. Only by applying these generic romantic ideas in ways that fit your individual situation can you really make any positive changes.

So don’t ever make the mistake of thinking that any “relationship expert” can tell you exactly how to fix or add more romance to your marriage or relationship. Instead, you need to focus on becoming the one true “expert” when it comes to your romance, and reshape generic relationship tips to fit its uniqueness.

Don’t settle for just regurgitating the romantic ideas you find here on Romance Tracker without modifying them to fit your relationship. Make the decision to use the great ideas you discover here and on other sites as inspiration for positive changes in your relationship . . . but remember, the only “relationship expert” who can truly help you . . . is you!

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