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101 romantic honeymoon vacation ideas

There aren’t many romantic getaways that are more important to your new marriage than a honeymoon vacation location, and most couples only get one chance to make their honeymoon spot destination the event of a lifetime.  But what’s romantic to one pair of newlyweds isn’t necessarily romantic to another, and you shouldn’t let your plans be decided by cliche honeymoon vacation ideas.  There are plenty of options—cheap honeymoons and expensive honeymoons—that might be perfect for your unique relationship.

Remember: the only expert on your relationship is you, and no one knows the kind of honeymoon vacation that will best suit you better than you and your new husband or wife.  Just because some people think that a Hawaii honeymoon is the only way to go doesn’t mean that you and your new spouse need to do the same.  And you’re honeymoon doesn’t need to be weeks long, either.  Who cares if you can only afford a day or two as long as you have a memorable experience?

Do you enjoy the quiet countryside more than a sunny beach?  Or perhaps you and your sweetheart are fans of architecture and have always wanted to spend time together exploring historic neighborhoods? Regardless of what your interests are, you and your new spouse can turn them into a romantic honeymoon vacation.  The possibilities are endless, and the only requirement for a successful honeymoon vacation is that you spend it doing something you enjoy!

So have a look at the following list of 101 romantic honeymoon vacation ideas, but keep in mind that you don’t have to limit yourself to this list or anyone else’s.  If anyone else thinks your honeymoon idea is silly, that’s their problem.  While they are complaining, you and your new husband or wife will be off having the time of your lives!

101 Romantic Honeymoon Vacation Ideas

  1. Camping
  2. Las Vegas
  3. look at romantic architecture
  4. a small romantic village
  5. the Grand Canyon
  6. the beach
  7. romantic antiques
  8. dancing honeymoon vacation
  9. a health club
  10. Paris
  11. Mountain climbing
  12. eat at romantic restaurants
  13. attend romantic concerts
  14. Romantic resort
  15. Rome
  16. Scuba diving
  17. the world’s most romantic spots
  18. Horseback riding
  19. Para-sailing
  20. Niagara Falls
  21. Safari
  22. visit old friends
  23. take romantic photos or pictures
  24. A birdwatching honeymoon vacation
  25. Los Angeles
  26. Fishing
  27. introduce and meet family members
  28. Gettysburg
  29. Paintball shooting
  30. Florida
  31. Bahamas
  32. Honeymoon cruise vacation
  33. Costa Rica
  34. Caribbean
  35. Tahiti
  36. Fiji
  37. Hunting
  38. watch romantic plays and theatre
  39. Washington, DC
  40. Egypt
  41. London
  42. Cross-country trip
  43. discover romantic museums
  44. African honeymoon vacation
  45. Snowboarding
  46. Ireland
  47. Boating
  48. find romantic artwork
  49. Quiet countryside
  50. romantic flowers
  51. Naples
  52. Skydiving
  53. Romantic house hunting
  54. India
  55. Sporting event
  56. Switzerland
  57. Sailing
  58. shop for new clothing
  59. Prague
  60. Hiking
  61. buy new furniture
  62. Russian
  63. Honeymoon vacation to paint together
  64. San Francisco
  65. Romantic sightseeing
  66. see romantic sculptures
  67. South America
  68. Canada
  69. New York City
  70. Canoeing or rafting
  71. Honeymoon vacation to a historical site
  72. Southern United States
  73. Quebec
  74. Milan
  75. romantic cabin in the woods
  76. Honeymoon vacation at a favorite convention
  77. Surfing
  78. Windsor
  79. Yellowstone
  80. Cycling
  81. Honeymoon vacation at another national park
  82. Chicago
  83. Concert tour honeymoon vacation
  84. Europe
  85. Backpacking
  86. Rain forest
  87. Bed-and-breakfast
  88. Skiing
  89. Texas
  90. New England
  91. Desert
  92. Birdwatching
  93. Honeymoon vacation in a ghost town
  94. Mexico
  95. Oceanside honeymoon vacation
  96. Health spa
  97. Rio Di Janeiro
  98. Alaskan honeymoon vacation
  99. Honeymoon vacation to wine country
  100. Hawaii
  101. Honeymoon vacation alone at home together!
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