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3 ways your blog can get you a hot date

Hey, being addicted to blogging is a lot like being in love, which we’ve covered on Romance Tracker before.  But regardless of how great a relationship you have with your blog, it will never hold your hand or snuggle with you at night . . . and while you could try kissing your computer screen if you want, we sure don’t recommend it.

So if you ever want to actually meet another living, breathing human being to share your life with, it’s probably a good idea to pull yourself away from the computer eventually, change out of your pajamas, and get out of the house. As a professional blogger myself, though, I know that’s more difficult than it sounds.

Until you can get your addiction under control, then, here’s a list of three ways you can use your blog to set the stage for finding that special someone.  You’ll have to let go of the keyboard eventually, of course . . . but by following these simple tips, you might be lucky enough to score a date with someone who actually doesn’t mind if you bring your laptop with you to that four-star restaurant.

Top Three Ways Your Blog Can Get You a Hot Date

1. Use your blog to meet other people interested in your niche

Despite what people say, opposites really don’t attract . . . and you have a better chance at maintaining a long, rewarding romantic relationship if you find a person who shares your interests.  If you’re starting a blog, make sure you concentrate on a niche that you have a passion for . . . and don’t be embarrassed to advertise your interests.  While finding a date shouldn’t be your main reason for blogging, if you stick with it you’re bound to meet plenty of other people who are passionate about the same hobbies and topics you are.

2.  Improve your communication skills by posting and interacting with your readers

Good communication is essential for success in blogging as well as relationships, and starting a blog can be a great way for a shy person to develop their communication skills, speak their mind, and become more confident.  Rather than limiting your communication to posts alone, make sure you interact with your readers through comments, return emails and other methods.

3. Monetize your blog so you can actually afford to buy someone dinner

You may start out blogging because you love your niche topic, but you’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t eventually monetize your blog and make money from what you enjoy.  It might not be fair, but many potential dates will judge you by your income and professionalism, and telling someone that you actually get an income from your hobby will get you plenty of points.  Monetizing your blog may take a lot of time and dedication, but make it a goal to eventually earn money from your writing.

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