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Book of Love: Your Romantic Love Story

So, is your personal romance captivating enough to have a book of love written about it? We’ve all read a book of love at some time in our lives or heard a romantic love story that seemed destined to be the stuff of classic romance. But believe it or not, the millions of real-life love stories that happen every day in the world could just as easily be crafted into best-selling books of love.

The stuff that makes up a successful book of love—the deeply-felt romance, the conflict, the fear of loss—are present in every true love story, including your own. While you may think that the romance you share with your sweetheart isn’t remarkable enough to be turned into a romantic book of love, I guarantee that it could be written as a best-seller if the right authors got a hold of it.

No, your romantic story may not take place in an exotic location like a classic book of love, and it may not be between two famous people. But every unique human relationship has all the necessary dramatic elements to create a captivating book of love, whether you realize it or not.

There have been millions of unique romances throughout human history, and every one of them could have been transformed into a book of love that would keep you turning pages into the wee hours of the morning.

The reason Romance Tracker is telling you all this is simple: to help you realize that you really do have a romance fit to be written about in a book of love . . . whether you think it’s amazing or not! Because most love stories are subtle and under-the-radar, the world will probably never learn about them. But every single one, if written out in a dramatic form, could become a successful book of love.

So the next time you read a book of love and think that your romantic love story could never be made into a best-selling book, think again. With the correct treatment, every love story could become a blockbuster book of love or even a romantic movie!

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