The importance of complimenting your sweetheart

So, when’s the last time you gave your special someone a genuine compliment?

With good manners and politeness getting less and less common in today’s brusque society, even romantic relationships and marriages are starting to suffer from a lack of common courtesy and compliments. Sure, your girlfriend, wife, husband or boyfriend may already know that you think they are attractive or exciting or intelligent. But why should that stop you from using romantic ideasĀ  and complimenting them every now and then?

Compliments shouldn’t only be reserved for new acquaintances or people who you’re trying to impress. The special people whose support we sometimes take for granted need an occasional compliment, too. A simple “you look very nice today” or “I’m very proud of the job you are doing” can make your lover feel like a million bucks.

There’s no reason to go overboard with compliments, of course, and too many can go to a person’s head or start sounding cynical. But promising yourself to give your significant other at least one nice compliment a day is a great way to make your lover feel appreciated and add some good old-fashioned romance to your relationship.

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