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Love song: your special music is the most romantic in the world

So, do you and your sweetheart have your own love song that you both enjoy and that helps define your relationship? Not all couples have a love song, and it’s not a necessary ingredient for any successful relationship. But many people in a romantic relationship do share a special love song that has some special meaning to them, and sharing romantic music can help facilitate romance in your relationship, too.

Surprisingly, not all love songs that couples share are of the sappy, romantic type . . . and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! While many couples define their special love song as one that’s slow and emotional, there are plenty of others whose love song is fun, or upbeat, or even goofy. Whether it’s classical, country, hip-hop or rock-and-roll, your love song only needs to have one characteristic: music that has helped define a special time in your relationship.

Perhaps your love song was the music playing in the background when you shared your first kiss, or the song that was on the radio when you asked your wife to marry you. Your love song could even be the theme music to a movie or television show that you and your lover both enjoy watching together.

The point is that it doesn’t matter what your own personal love song is, as long as it is something you both like and something that stirs good memories and emotions in both of you. And regardless of what your love song is, it will be the most romantic love song in the world because of one important reason: it’s the love song you and your sweetheart share!

So, do you and your lover have your own special romantic love song yet? If not, it’s time to define one! Tell your sweetheart that you’d love it if your relationship could have its own “theme song” and have some fun laughing at different ideas for what your love song might be. It will be a fun exercise that will let you and your significant other laugh together, share ideas, and interact. And most importantly, it will allow your relationship to have its own special love song that you and your sweetheart will share forever!

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