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Love horoscope: the signs and astrology of romance

There seem to be endless claims out there of free love horoscopes that can tell you what to expect when it comes to romance based on your astrological sign, but should you really base your romantic future on a love horoscope in a newspaper or online?  Here at Romance Tracker, we believe that love horoscopes are a poor way to prepare for romance in your life, and that the only horoscope that you should rely on is your eternal sense of how to find true romance.

Love horoscopes claim that you can determine your romantic future and perfect romantic partner based on your astrological sign.  While we think that love horoscopes can be fun and aren’t harmful to read and dream about, you should be very careful when using a love horoscope to decide what romantic actions to take in your life.  No one knows your romantic needs and desires better than yourself, and a love horoscope could just as easily guide you into the wrong romantic place as the right one.

Are love horoscopes fun to read?  Well, sure.  They help us to use our romantic imagination, envision our romantic goals, and even laugh a bit at fun romantic predictions.  But if your inner feelings tell you that there’s something wrong with the predictions in a love horoscope, you should follow your heart rather than words written by a person who has never met you and knows nothing about your romantic needs and dreams.

It is true that there are different types of people in the world whose preferences and talents can be grouped into predefined sets, and many horoscopes tend to ring true because we all share common desires and needs.  But a love horoscope, no matter how enticing or seemingly optimistic, needs to be taken with a grain of salt.  Remember: you have more to do with determining your romantic future than the planets and the stars.  Take control of your own future and don’t let a newspaper or website set you on a path that makes you feel uncomfortable.

The next time you read a love horoscope, let yourself have fun with it and let your romantic imagination soar.  But don’t take every word of a love horoscope as gospel, or you may end up making a mistake that could cost you a future full of love and romance.

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