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Runaway love: how to abandon yourself to romance

A romantic couple can experience many different types of love, but “Runaway Love” is probably the most sought after kind of romance . . . and one of the most dangerous and difficult to achieve.

So, what is Runaway Love? Simply put, Runaway Love is the type of romance that completely overpowers a person and makes everything else in life seem completely unimportant in comparison. Runaway Love makes a person feel as though their romance gives them the ability to run away from all other cares and worries in their life. When you experience Runaway Love, your romantic relationship becomes the single most important aspect of your existence.

First of all, why is Runaway Love difficult to find? Mainly because most people are too pragmatic to make a romantic relationship more important than anything else in their life. Sure, many people may say that their lover is the most important thing to them, but if it came down to choosing between their romance or their children, for example, the vast majority of lovers would chose their children.

This type of pragmatic romance is not Runaway Love, and there’s nothing wrong with putting certain important things in your life before your romantic relationship. For most people, family and other aspects are more important than their romance could ever be, and Runaway Love is not an appealing option for them.

The person who experiences real Runaway Love, however, completely downgrades the importance of other relationships in their life in order to dedicate their entire existence to their romance. Most pragmatic people can see why Runaway Love is an unrealistic and dangerous thing to experiment with. While Runaway Love can be overwhelming and seemingly indestructible, by burning bridges with other people in your life you could be condemning yourself to a miserable future if things go south.

So, is it possible to experience a pragmatic type of Runaway Love in which your romance is of high priority in your life . . . but you still give the necessary attention to other relationships in your life? Well, sure, but it takes plenty of dedication and work, like anything else in your relationship.

Rather than abandoning yourself completely to Runaway Love and ignoring other important areas of your life, tel your sweetheart that your romance is a crucial part of your life . . . but that there are other important things in your life that you can’t ignore. By ensuring that you don’t let your romance affect the relationship you have with other important parts of your life, you can experience the benefits of Runaway Love without letting it destroy the rest of your life.

There’s nothing wrong with jumping into Runaway Love . . . but make sure you you’re tethered securely to the rest of your relationships first!

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