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Love calculator: what’s your formula for romance?

So, is there really such a thing as a love calculator that can tell you the name or type of your perfect boyfriend, girlfriend wife or husband?  While there are plenty of personality and love tests that claim to uncover the secrets of finding your special someone, there is only one infallible love calculator out there.  And that love calculator . . . is you!

It’s the truth!  No matter how long and in-depth any matchmaking test you might find online claims to be, there’s no such thing as a perfect love calculator that can tell you the name and location of your one true love. Remember, the only real expert when it comes to finding your perfect match is you. You’ll have a much easier time at finding true romance when you start trusting the love calculator that came built inside of you.

So, how do you use your own built-in love calculator to find that perfect match?  Well, first of all, start listening to your love calculator when it comes to where you should be looking for your future sweetheart.  If you’re the type of person who enjoys sports, then sporting events might be the place to start. If you enjoy museums, then museums would be your best bet.

But don’t ever make yourself frequent places to find your special someone just because other people have told you that’s what you need to do.  Your love calculator knows where you should go to meet a person with your interests, so don’t ignore it!  If you enjoy bars and clubs and want to meet a love interest who enjoys the same, then by all means frequent those types of places. But if you don’t enjoy that type of scene, you shouldn’t feel bad about not wanting to hang out in those types of places.

Your own internal love calculator may not be able to tell you exactly where to find that perfect person and what time to meet them there, but if you really listen, it can tell you what actions you need to take in your life to make romance more likely.  When it comes to love calculators, things like your birth sign and favorite numbers have little to do with meeting the perfect person.

What’s more important to your specific internal love calculator—and more important to your future romantic relationship—is doing the things that you enjoy and going to the places you like to be.  Just follow that simple rule, and your love calculator will lead you to romance!

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