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The Difference Between Being Romantic And Being Clingy

Are you so afraid of coming across as “clingy” with your significant other that you’re missing out on some great romantic ideas to add a new dimension to your relationship or marriage? One of the reasons why old-fashioned romance is harder to find in today’s modern relationships is a common misconception among both men and women that paying attention to your lover, holding them and showing your appreciation is being too “clingy” or “sappy.” Sure, it’s possible to pay so much attention to your lover that it becomes overpowering and annoying, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying to be as romantic as possible in your relationship.

Today’s society tends to stress independence and self-reliance, which is one reason why “clinginess” and “public displays of affection” have become so taboo. Getting too sappy while you’re in a public place is something you should avoid, but staying clear of all affection while you’re out together is just plain silly. The truly happy couple isn’t embarrassed to show the word that they are in love in a tasteful and romantic way. Holding hands, kissing your lover on the cheek and doing small, special things for each other are as appropriate in public as they are in the home.

Unfortunately, the cliche of the clingy, ditsy date girl has turned a lot of women off to being physically romantic who might otherwise reap great benefits from paying more attention to their lover. Likewise, many men are so afraid of being looked at as “soft” or “whipped” that they won’t dare hold their lover’s hand, gaze into her eyes lovingly or give her a quick kiss on the cheek while they’re in public.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, getting over your fear of being affectionate and romantic with your girlfriend, wife, husband or boyfriend will help your relationship immensely. There’s no shame in being romantic with your lover, whether at home or in public. If it’s something you’re uncomfortable with, start small and work your way up; you could promise yourself to hold your lover’s hand at least once a day, for example, until it starts to feel more natural.

One of the greatest mistakes you can make in your relationship is to confuse being romantic and being clingy. Showing your affection for your lover, making them your number one priority, and doing special things for them every day is anything but clingy. It’s called good old-fashioned romance, and I promise your relationship will benefit from adding a little bit as soon as possible!

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