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It’s summertime: go for a romantic date at a carnival or fair!

I’m a real sucker when it comes to romantic dates, and summertime is the perfect season for an unlimited number of romantic getaways and distractions. One of my very favorite places to head on a date is a local carnival or county fair, where you can still see vestiges of small-town America on display with games, rides . . . and delicious, unhealthy foods!

If you haven’t gone to a local carnival with your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband lately, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to add some excitement and fun to your relationship. No matter what your age, a carnival or county fair will make you and your sweetheart feel young again and have a great time together.

Sure, the carnival is loud and dirty and expensive . . . but it only comes once a year, and the sounds and trash and expenses are well worth the laughs that you’re guaranteed to have with your significant other. Going to a carnival every day for a week would probably get a little tiring, but putting aside one afternoon to ride a Ferris wheel, eat yummy fair food, and play games with your lover will do wonders for your relationship!

And speaking of fair food . . . come on, is there anything better than corn dogs, cotton candy, elephant ears and ice cream? Sure, you’d probably die of a heart attack if you ate it every day, but there’s nothing better on a fun, hot summer evening.

Anyway, you can probably tell I love going to a good carnival! And besides riding the Ferris wheel with my sweetheart, there’s one thing I look forward to more than anything: and that’s winning her a prize from one of the game booths. There’s just something about plopping down a wad of cash and throwing, shooting or tossing my way to a cheap plush teddy bear for my sweetheart!

That probably sounded cynical, but it isn’t; I really love all of the different opportunities for old-fashioned fun that a great county fair or carnival can offer a romantic couple in the summertime. So what the heck are your still reading Romance Tracker for? Go take your sweetheart to the carnival or fair . . . and have some fun!

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