Turn pictures of your lover into a romantic scrapbook

Here’s a fun romantic idea I got from the special someone in my life who surprised me last year with a terrific, thoughtful gift that made me feel great. Being romantic comes naturally to some people, and she knows that showing an interest in your lover’s history is a great way to make them feel like a special and important part of your life.

If you’ve been in a romantic relationship or marriage with your sweetheart for any significant amount of time, I’m sure you’ve gotten a chance to see plenty of pictures of them from their past. Looking at baby pictures, school yearbook pictures, and silly old family photos of your lover is a fun way to learn about their past and laugh with them. And reaching the point where you’re comfortable enough with your significant other to show them your most embarrassing pictures marks a very important time in your relationship!

If you’re able to get your hands on a few dozen loose photos from your lover’s past, why not take some time to secretly put together a fun scrapbook of memories for them? Even if you’ve never made a scrapbook before, it’s very easy to do. Your local craft store probably has an entire section dedicated to scrapbooking, complete with lots of fun stuff to make a book with every theme imaginable.

For an even bigger surprise, you could do what my sweetheart did for me: ask your significant other’s family for fun pictures that they may have stored away to add to the scrapbook. Your lover will be amazed when they open the scrapbook of memories you made for them and see pictures they forgot even existed!

Dedicate a few private minutes every day to working on your surprise romantic scrapbook, and in a few weeks you’ll have a great romantic gift to spring on your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband when they least expect it. I guarantee your romantic scrapbook will be something that your special someone will love and save for the rest of their life. When you give it to them is strictly up to you!

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