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Romantic getaways: what’s yours?

A few days ago on Romance Tracker we posted an article about visiting Hawaii, which is one of the most popular romantic vacations spots in the world.  And while a honeymoon or romantic getaway to someplace like the Hawaiian Islands would be great for your relationship or marriage, you shouldn’t ever lose sight of the fact that the amount of romance generated by a vacation has absolutely nothing to do with its price tag!

Whether you have a million dollars to spend or an empty wallet, there are tons of ideas for romantic getaways that you and your sweetheart can take advantage of to spend a few minutes, a few hours, or a few days alone with each other.  Never let anyone else define what kind of romantic getaway should make you and your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband happy.  That’s up to you!

Remember: one couple’s nightmare destination could be another’s perfect romantic vacation idea. Relationships are as varied and diverse as snowflakes, with dynamics, strengths and shared interests that are both unique and special.  Just because one couple’s idea of a great vacation is laying on a tropical beach doesn’t make your preference of camping or bowling or sitting together at home any less perfect.

In the end, the most important consideration in choosing your perfect romantic getaway . . . is you and your sweetheart’s own preferences!

And if someone else doesn’t approve of how you and your significant other spend your time together, who cares?  Putting your relationship first—and not paying attention to what others think about your happiness—is part of adding some good old-fashioned romance to your life!

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