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Free Online Dating Services: is the Internet good for singles?

Free online dating sites may be a great way to find single people looking for love, but is the Internet the right place to discover good old-fashioned romance?  We’ve reviewed free online dating services before on Romance Tracker, and agree that the Internet is a great source for finding other singles out there.  The true old-fashioned romantic, though, might have a harder time finding things in common with the singles on many free online Internet dating services.

Don’t get me wrong: modern technology provides plenty of ways to add more old-fashioned romance to your life.  But free online Internet dating services seem to concentrate more on immediate gratification and superficial relationships.  True old-fashioned romance is better nurtured in a relationship that is more personal and has time to develop.  Free online Internet dating services don’t really give singles the chance to enter a relationship slowly and carefully.

That isn’t to say, though, that it’s impossible to find other singles who are looking for old-fashioned romance on a free online dating site.  There are many stories about healthy, romantic, long-lasting relationships that have developed after singles found each other on a free online dating service.  But before you turn to the Internet to try to find true love, consider some other options for discovering romance that might be more successful than online dating.

Using free online dating sites is a lot like looking for that special someone in a bar or nightclub.  While you might find someone who is indeed looking for companionship or immediate gratification on an Internet dating service, finding true love might be a bit more difficult.  You’re more likely to find old-fashioned romance by concentrating on on doing the things you really enjoy and letting love find you.

If, for example, you’re a lover of a certain type of music, don’t just go to a free online dating site to look for other singles who like the same thing.  Instead, why not attend a concert or fan event and meet interesting singles face-to-face?  You can apply this to pretty much any interest; it’s always better to look for like-minded singles in real-world settings rather than relying on the anonymity of free online dating services.

So if you’re an old-fashioned romantic who is looking for singles who have something in common with you, save the free online dating websites as a last resort.  The Internet may be a great tool to better your life, but you’re more likely to meet that special someone by getting out of the house than you are on an online dating service.

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