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Young love: does youth make romance stronger?

We’ve all seen or read stories about young love, where lovers in their late teens or early twenties experience romance so powerful that it blinds them to the rest of the world.  The sometimes reckless abandon of young love is well known, as is evident in the many warnings from more experienced elders to young lovers who are just discovering the world of romance.

So, is young love more powerful than romance shared between older, more experienced couples?  Well, of course not.  But young love can sometimes seem to be more intoxicating because of a lack of perspective and experience that is common to youth.

When couples experience young love for the first time, it is often difficult for them to pay adequate attention to other areas of their lives and listen to the advice of others.  Young love can end up destroying itself because young lovers don’t tend to other relationships that are equally vital to their lives.

In a way, though, the heartache and mistakes of young love are necessary to teach us to become better, more complete lovers later in life.  The errors we make when experiencing young love, however embarrassing or hurtful, teach us lessons about how to nurture a lasting, patient relationship.

And make no mistake about it: patience is a very necessary requirement in a long-lasting romantic relationship.  Young love often lacks patience because young lovers tend to be impulsive and obsessed with immediate gratification.  Young love frequently dies on the vine, although there are some notable exceptions.

So, is young love more powerful?  In a way yes, because it can be more overwhelming for young lovers.  But a more mature, patient love is certainly more rewarding, if not as intense as young love.  Young love is good to reminisce about and learn from, but be thankful as your romantic tastes mature.

Is there any good aspect of young love that older lovers can add to their romance? Absolutely!  The giddiness, the carefree optimism, the feeling of discovering a new world of romance; all of these are aspects of young love that you can apply to your relationship.  Just be sure to avoid the pitfalls that often doom young love to failure: ignoring other aspects of your life, being overly jealous, and impatience.

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