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Science of love: times when romance and science mix

For many of us, romance and love are mysterious and magical experiences that defy all explanations and attempts to quantify them.  To think that there is such a thing as a science of love could exist, or that science could be used to make predictions and assumptions about love and romance, is sacrilege to many romantic people.  In spite of the fact that much of the mechanics of love and romance are unknown and mysterious to us, however, there is still a science of love that can help all of us when we are looking for or involved in a romantic relationship.

No, there really isn’t such a thing as a literal love doctor in a white lab coat who can give you a love potion or instantly determine the name of your perfect romantic partner.  But the science of love can help us determine what works and what doesn’t work in relationships, the physiological differences between men and women when it comes to romance, as well as psychological aspects of human beings that make us love one another.

The science of love includes things as powerful and unexplored as chemical phermones and their effects on our libido and romantic tastes, and other subjects which are perfect for researching in a laboratory.  But perhaps more important than physiological aspects of the science of love are the psychological aspects of the science of love.  The human mind is still a vast unexplored country when it comes to our thoughts and desires, and psychology plays a much larger role in romance and love than many of us realize.

As the science of love advances and scientists and psychologists make more discovers about why we do the things we do, our relationship and romantic problems will gradually become easier to solve.  Still, even with the advancement of the science of love, there will never be a “magic pill,” so to speak, that will instantly make all of our relationship problems go away.  No matter how technologically advanced our society becomes or how amazing our inventions are, it will still be up to the individuals in a relationship to work through their romance problems themselves, rather than relying on machines and technology.

So, does the science of love really have any kind of bearing on your relationship?  Well, it certainly could, if you decide to study the psychological and physiological advancements that could be effectively applied to your romantic relationship.  But rather than relying on the science of love to tell you about romance and solve your relationship problems, it’s better if you approach romance the old-fashioned way: by discovering and growing together!

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