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Bible Scriptures On Love, Relationships & Romance: Quotes & Verses

Here on Romance Tracker, we’ve pointed out that love themes are present in almost every form of art, history and literature that humanity has ever produced.  But what about love and romance in the Bible, which many people consider the greatest book ever written?  Is there wisdom about romance and relationships in the quotes and scriptures of the Old Testament and the New Testament?

The most obvious answer that many faithful Christians would present is that the entire reason Jesus Christ died on the cross was for a great and deep love for mankind, and that there is no better example of selfless love in all of human history than in the New Testament of the Bible.  While this may not entail romantic love, we have learned that there are many different types of love and that they are no less powerful than romance, and this is one excellent example of love in the Bible.

But beyond the example of Jesus’s love for mankind and his sacrifice on the cross, there are plenty of examples of romantic love in bible, as well.  So many, in fact, that it would be impossible to name them all in one short article!  The power of romantic love between a man and woman, and God’s approval of faithful marriages and long-term commitments, are present throughout the bible.

I’m sure all of us can easily think of the earliest example: Adam and Eve!  This was the world’s first romance, and while things didn’t initially turn out too well for them in the bible (they were banished from heaven on Earth in the form of the Garden of Eden), it is arguable that their romance set the stage for love as it would exist throughout the rest of human history. And after Adam and Eve, there are endless examples of love and romance throughout the rest of the Old Testament and the New Testament.

So, does romance and love exist in the scriptures of the bible?  Of course, and the stories are easily found in its pages.  Love and romance are an important ingredient of every story in human history, and are every bit as present in the greatest book ever written!

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