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Can’t help falling in love? No one can!

It’s actually the truth: there have been plenty of people, believe it or not, who actually thought they could get through their entire long lives without falling in love.  But the inescapable truth is that human beings can’t help falling in love in some way during the course of their lives, because it’s really ingrained in our physiological makeup.  Even the science of love shows us that we’re programmed to need love and project love, and if you can’t help falling in love you’re in good company: neither can the rest of mankind!

So, what is it in our physiology that makes us need love, want love . . . and unable to avoid falling in love?  Some scientists and psychologists claim that because humans are social animals, and need to be surrounded in communities of people to survive, that we have developed a natural need to fall in love in order to be forced to stay around other people.  Evolution and natural selection may have a lot to do with the fact that you can’t help falling in love.

Then again, there are others who say that evolution and science have nothing to do with falling in love, and that humans are subject to a mysterious, unexplainable force that makes us desire the perfect person for us.  In this model, we can’t help falling in love because things are destined to happen a certain way, and there is no escaping the fact that you will meet the perfect person for you someday.

Regardless of which theory you subscribe to, you can’t deny that it’s really useless to try to escape falling in love.  The harder you try to get away from it, the more your natural physiology rears its head.  Face it: you just can’t help falling in love, my friend! :)

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