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Romantic meals and dinners: recipe for love

Romantic meals and dinners: recipe for love


Yesterday on Romance Tracker, we learned about how introducing romantic massage into your relationship is a great way to show your appreciation for your lover, regardless of how well you do it. Surprisingly, preparing a romantic meal for your lover has a lot in common with romantic massage. Many of us (expecially men, but perhaps a few women as well) might be aprehensive about trying to cook new foods for our lover. But regardless of your skill in the kitchen, it’s really a super way to show your romantic partner that you care enough about them to try something new . . . and you might just suprise yourself at how well you can cook, afterall!

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Ways To Say I Love You In Different Languages: How To In Every Place


Here’s a fun little exercize in the language of love! Here at Romance Tracker, we believe that a simply act of love really is the universal language, and that showing your romantic partner how much you care for them is much more important that just saying it. But the words “I love you” still exist as the most important phrase in the world, and every culture and country in the history of this planet developed their own unique ways of putting their love into words.

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101 Different Ways To Say “I Love You” In Other Romantic Words


Regular readers of Romance Tracker know that there are literally hundreds of different ways to tell your romantic partner you love them through actions instead of words, but actually telling your lover how you feel is important, too. Luckily, the truly romantic person doesn’t just have to rely upon “I love you” to express those feelings of love. There are dozens and dozens of different creative phrases and colloquialisms that lovers can use to express their love, and the 101 variations below are just a few of them.

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