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Writing Romantic Wedding Vows for the Bride or Groom

Writing Romantic Wedding Vows

“So I will sing praise to Your name forever, That I may daily perform my vows” (Psalm 61:8).

writing romantic wedding vowsYou’ve made many loving and romantic vows on simple things when dating–before the time came when you decided to make it real and ‘pop the question’, but these are not always as sacred, as say, vows that you make before the altar on your wedding day! Wedding vows can play a vital role in your married life. As you grow older together and make your house firmly established in your love, you will think back, from time to time, to the days of your wedding ceremony and the vows you made to one another on your special day.

You can make your vows as beautiful–or as simple–as you want. If you are faithful to your heart, then you will know what kinds of things you want to say, but some of us do not always know how to compile such emotions and sacred messages into beautiful, loving, and romantic wedding vows that will be remembered for a lifetime together.

Have your Wedding Vows Engraved  on your Wedding Bands

Try some of these tips to get you started on the right path of writing your own wedding vows:

•    Read romantic poems related to marriage and life, especially if either one of you has a favorite poet or song that you can incorporate into your vows.

•    Consult traditional wedding vows, in order to gain some insights and ideas into what has been viewed as most important over the years. Many traditional vows have withstood the test of time, and there is something to be said about that. You can always import parts that you agree with and are beholden to into your own creative, wedding vows.

•    Consider your religious views. If you are a Christian, for instance, the first place to consult, of course, is your Bible. Find a favorite passage from the Scriptures that you can incorporate into your wedding vows, as a holy covenant between man and wife. You may even want to quote a Bible verse directly and promise to fulfill your vows, with God’s help. And most importantly, pray and ask God to help you consider your wedding vows.

•    What is it that you most cherish about your love? Can you be true to this ideal of her? Remember, these are your wedding vows, a covenant-promise that is meant to last forever. There is real depth, weight, and significance to a wedding vow between bride and groom that an, even sincere and heartfelt “promise” between unmarried couples cannot compare.

•    A fun, playful, and secretive way to go about it: Play a game of Questions & Answers over a romantic dinner, and find out what things are most important to each other, and how realistic these life goals are. What do you expect from one another in marriage, what are your hopes and expectations?. Can you honestly vow before each other and God and your neighbors that you will do your best to meet each others’ greatest needs?

•    Sometimes simple words are the most effective. Rather than trying to be overly flowery and poetic, speak the truth in love.

Have your Wedding Vows Engraved  on your Wedding Bands


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