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Write A Love Letter

write a love letterWrite a Love Letter 

Whatever the words–make your love feel wanted and adored with a simple love letter! Whether you are single and dating, engaged, or in a committed marriage of twenty-five years, write a love letter to your significant other and earn yourself some valuable love money.

This is especially important for married couples, who may not have received a love letter for years. If you can’t remember the last time you exchanged a love letter with your spouse, it would serve you well to remember that sometimes you have to pretend like you are still dating, that your wife is really your girlfriend and your husband is your “beau”. Or who can forget that first love letter between a young couple who is ready to take their relationship to the next level. Either way, write a love letter that will be cherished in the secret vault of the heart.

Love Letter Writing Tips 

It feels unnecessary to give you tips on something that should come so naturally. But the bottom line is to just bare your soul. Start with “Dear” and end with “Love”–and everything that goes in between … well, that’s kind of private. But if it the mood calls for it, now’s the time to use that special nickname you call each other (you know, the one you don’t dare mention to your friends at the gym, but reserve in secret just for her). Write about how much you miss her or him when you’re not with said sweetheart. Write about all the things you want to do with them, about your hopes and your dreams together. Pick a special moment you had together, and recount all the ways that it made you feel. Include all the little details. Most of all, be honest, be romantic, be sweet, be vulnerable, and if you’re one of the blessed few who has been endowed with humor, this is another great opportunity to do what you do best: make her laugh!

Write a love letter that will be remembered forever. Make it meaningful, because it may just end up in a special box, locked away in her closet or attic one day.

What are you waiting for? Get started … Write a Love Letter! Oh, and don’t forget to add those cute little XOXOs all over the place!

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