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What’s Your Wedding Budget? Planning Your Marriage Expenses

A wedding day is the dream of every girl in the world (and maybe a few boys, too) . . . because this is the time when you make a sacred vow to the most important person in your life and vow to be together with each other forever. But careless budgeting and planning can end up ruining your wedding and affecting your romance for years to come. If you don’t consider your wedding budget and don’t organize your wedding accordingly, then you can end up having a disaster without enough funds to pay for the things you need.

How To Plan An Intelligent Budget For Your Wedding

First of all, avoid any last minute planning.  One simple way to ensure this is by talking to your fiance about what you need to plan. If you are a man, then you should clearly tell your love that you do not have the funds for an expensive budget and maybe you will not be able to organize your wedding in an expensive place (if she loves you, she will understand!).

Start planning and budgeting for your wedding at least six months before the wedding day. You should talk about the guests and the number of people who will be at the ceremony and reception, because they will surely affect your budget.

The second most important factor is  where you want to solemnize the wedding (for the ceremony and the reception). If both of you discuss the venue you can usually find a good, affordable solution. Do you want to invite the guests by sending invitation cards or simply going to them one by one? What types of clothes or other dresses you want to buy for each other? When you have good understanding between you and your would-be wife, you can have a low-budget wedding with full love and romance.

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