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What Is Commitment? Committing To a Relationship

So, what is commitment exactly?

There are many types of commitment, but there are some people who fear the thought of being committed to their partner . . . which sometimes makes them end up being alone because oftentimes, people who are scared of commitments are also scared of being seriously involved in a relationship. Fear of committing to a relationship is the unwillingness to enter into a serious relationship; more exactly, it is actually the unwillingness of the person to be romantically involved with his/her partner. Getting married is often the biggest fear of most “commitment scared” individuals, but this type of issue can be resolved if you just discuss the matter with your partner.

Commitment in a relationship is very important . . . and it’s so much different than simple promises that you can just break anytime.

Being committed to your partner simply means that you have to be willing to go through good and bad, thick and thin with your partner. Commitment cannot just be turned off if you get tired or someone in the relationship just wants to give up. It is a lifelong routine that you should be happy to have . . . and, of course, the most famous and binding type of commitment is marriage.

Before a couple gets married, the fact is clear to them that they will be spending the rest of their lives with each other no matter how hard life situations may be. Commitment is being in love with one another and doing your part with joy in your heart and not looking at it as a burden. It is hard to be committed but if you love being in it, you will not have a hard time sticking to your commitment.

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