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Wedding photo albums: a professional scrapbook for your pictures

Finding a good wedding photographer is one thing, but finding someone who can take great pictures and then organize them into an even better wedding photo album is another matter entirely.  It’s a sad truth that there are plenty of good wedding photographers out there, but there just aren’t as many who can take the pictures of your most precious moment and arrange them into a really professional wedding photo album that will act as a scrapbook of your wedding pictures to show off for the rest of your life.

Learning to point and shoot pictures of a bride and groom exchanging their wedding vows is relatively easy to do compared to putting together an inexpensive wedding photo album, even with the tons of high-tech picture editing programs out on the market today.  You may be a wedding photographer with an ultra-expensive camera and the best picture editing software out there, but making the jump from being a good photographer to a great wedding album creator is a long one.

So here’s our advice: when you’re doing research to choose the right wedding photographer, don’t just ask to see his or her best pictures.  Instead, also ask for samples of some of their best wedding photo albums, as well, and see how they put the pictures together and what kind of presentation they create.  Remember, there will potentially be hundreds of pictures taken by your photographer at your wedding, and you need to be sure that he is able to choose the best ones to highlight and that really capture the heart and soul of your wedding day.

In addition, your wedding photographer has to be able to timelessly capture these pictures in a seamless, flowing fashion in your wedding scrapbook.  If the photo album doesn’t portray the wonderful feelings shared by the bride and groom, then it just isn’t worth it.  And even if the wedding photo album is top quality and very well put together, it still isn’t worth it if the photographer charges far too much or doesn’t get them to you in a timely fashion.  Affordability and speed are important factors, too!

So to reiterate, always make sure that one of the criteria you use to judge a photographer is a good sampling of their recent wedding photo albums.  If you don’t check to make sure that you’ll be getting good wedding pictures and a good wedding scrapbook, you may regret it for the rest of your life!

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