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Wedding etiquette: proper manners for gifts, invitations and receptions

Everyone loves a wedding, but ever since the very first bride and groom walked down the aisle, guests have always been careful to follow proper wedding etiquette and use the right manners when giving gifts, receiving invitations and attending wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Wedding etiquette is still a very important part of the marriage day, even in a society that has become less prim and proper. Luckily, however, the proper wedding etiquette is easy to learn, and manners aren’t very tough to remember to use. If you plan on attending a wedding soon, don’t panic when you get that invitation; wedding etiquette is mainly common sense, and you’ll have no problem fitting in at the ceremony or the wedding reception.

First, when it comes to receiving your invitation, proper wedding etiquette requires that you RSVP to let the bride and groom know that you plan on attending. If you don’t, they could end up reserving too few seats, and it’s just good manners to let someone know you’re coming to their wedding if they’ve invited you!

As for proper wedding etiquette for gift giving, you don’t need to empty your bank account to purchase a proper wedding gift and still have good manners. Never give something cheap and shoddy, but giving an inexpensive, tasteful gift that both the bride and groom will enjoy is certainly well within proper wedding etiquette.

At the wedding reception, be sure not to drink too much alcohol or say anything rude or unfriendly to the other guests. Following wedding etiquette doesn’t mean you can’t let loose and have some fun, though, as long as you use good manners and don’t offend anyone else at the reception.

Wedding etiquette is pretty simple: just use the golden rule, don’t do or say anything that your wouldn’t want at your wedding, and watch your manners. Above all, have fun, since that’s what weddings are all about!

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