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Wedding Attire Tips for Marriage Brides and Grooms

Below are some great wedding attire tips for both brides and grooms. Many people forget that the groom has to look his best on the wedding day also; it’s not just the bride who has to shine! This article will give you some great tips for both parties and will hopefully lead to some wonderful memories.


–The dress that looks best on a mannequin doesn’t always look best on a person. Have a few styles picked out before you go shopping so you don’t get disappointed.

–Make as little down payments as possible until you can try the dress with the shoes and vice-versa. While the two may look great separately they can sometimes not suit each other when seen together.

–Make sure you can dance in your dress!


–While this is your special day too, be aware that the bride and her dress will be getting a lot of attention so try not to take all of the limelight. While personal preferences and looks still apply, try not to wear anything too outlandish that will have people staring at you rather than her.

–Make sure you stand out from the best men and the waiters—you don’t want to have guests ask you for more food.

–Make sure you can dance in your shoes!

–Above all, make sure you can walk and move in your clothing. You will be in these cloths for a few hours at least so make sure you are comfortable walking and posing in the clothes.

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